'kini:30 Swimwear

about us

WHo we Are

‘kini:30 was created because we believe in encouraging women to be self aware of mental health and positive creativity. What do you do everyday that rejuvenates you to be able to handle all the things life throws at you? We want you to know someone out there understands your everyday craziness… you are not alone! Here at ‘kini:30, we decided to do just that and created a time of day that is just for us. Co owners & founders Lauren & Jacque love to spend their ‘kini:30 under the sun, in a ‘kini, out by the lake or ocean (any body of water) with family and friends. The time we create for ourselves, that is mentally refreshing. We created our brand because we have a passion for doing what we love and we encourage everyone else to find that bliss as well.

our mission

Our mission is to represent women’s mental health, in today’s culture, by cultivating your “‘kini:30” - the time you set aside {daily} for YOU. For example, this could be relaxing in a bath, reading outside with coffee in hand, enjoying a glass of wine by the fire, digging into God’s word, practicing the sport you love, simply laying on the couch recouping…the meaning is your representation.

our approach

Women in today’s society are EMPOWERING but it can sometimes feel like chaos as we attempt to be everything and everywhere all at once. It’s easy to get lost in our everyday lives - from working full time, taking care of household, tackling “to do” lists, to being the best mother, sister, friend, and/or spouse, you could possibly be, to wanting to stay involved in your social life, taking on extra activities, etc (enter your crazy here).‘kini:30 is a comfortable, confident, and encouraging space for all women. We want to encourage women to take time out of each day for reflection and rejuvenation; take a step back and do something for yourself (even if it's just 10-15 minutes a day). ‘Kini:30 wants to symbolize a time of day, as a reminder to women that taking time for yourself is crucial for mental and physical wellbeing; taking the time you need, to enjoy what you love doing, in turn creating a balanced healthy lifestyle.